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Set Power Calculator

Created by DreamXZE#1912

All chance (critic, chest, etc..) are considered 100% in the total effect calculation.

Click to calc!


Timer off
Sword Master Level
Total Artifacs
Crafting Power
Crafting Power Goal
Mechanized Sword
Fatal Samurai
Angelic Guardian
Ruthless Necromancer
Treasure Hunter
Ancient Warrior
Dark Predator
Hidden Viper
Nimble Hunter
Anniversary Diamond
Bone Mender
Celestial Enchanter
Noble Fencer
Thundering Deity
Eternal Monk
Shadow Disciple
Anniversary Platinium
Defiant Spellslinger
Titan Attacker
Frost Warden
Chained Clockwork
Captain Titan
Amazon Princess
The Sly Wolf
Corrupt Emerald Knight
Dragon Slayer
Anniversary Gold
Blessed Bishop
Solar Paragon
Midnight Raven
Viking King
Cybernetic Enhancements
Phantom Presence
Heir of Light
Heir of Shadows
Sweets and Treats
Jack Frost
Grim Reaper
Combo Breaker
Dedicated Fan
Lunar Festival
Sled Season
Toxic Slayer
Scarecrow Jack
Surf Strike
Heartly Queen
The Rockstar
Defender of the Egg
The Heartbreaker
Snow Master