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Created by DreamXZE#1912

Player Token

If you want to be able to import your data directly from the API without using the import from the clipboard, please log-in and you will be able to use this feature.

Import through clipboard

Paste your data and click on "Import"!
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All chance (critic, chest, etc..) are considered 100% in the total effect calculation.

If you want to be able to switch between Abyssal and The Main Game value, please


and you will be able to use this feature.


Sword Master Level
Artifacts Discovered
Artifacts Salvaged
Monuments Discovered
Crafting Power
Crafting Power Goal
Alpha Heart Blade
Elder Snow Cap
Shadow Magic Cloak
Lightning Metal Wings
Power of D.O.S.
Lance's Axe
Maple Brush
Pharaoh's Staff
Titania's Garb
Rosabelle's Uniform
Jayce's Armor
Kronus' Flame
Sophia's Faith
Damon's Power
Gulbrand's Rally
The Great Traveler
Belial, the Fossilized Symbiote
Rygal, the Brilliant Engineer
Shae, the Radiant Beacon
Jonalyn, the Deadly Flower
The Fallen Angel
Ignus, the Volcanic Phoenix
Kor, the Whispering Wave
Styxsis, the Single Touch
Ironheart, the Crackling Tiger
Mechanized Sword
Fatal Samurai
Angelic Guardian
Ruthless Necromancer
Treasure Hunter
Ancient Warrior
Dark Predator
Clockwork Automaton
Elixir Slinger
Gloomhoard Devourer
Astral Explorer
Earthen Shepherd
Sentinel Hornblower
Anniversary Aquamarine
Wild Clawmaster
Spell Summoner
Perk Privateer
Elysian Guardian
Midas' Champion
Fortunate Weaponmaster
Scribble Demon
Draconic Doombringer
Skillful Trickster
Lucky Fox Saint
Plague Doctor
Ascended Guardian
Headless Horsemaster
Skywing Skirmisher
Sunset City Slinger
Bronzed Chronomancer
Drip Witch
Cosmic Wanderer
Wondrous Forgemaster
Titan Crusher
Forest Sylph
Inspired Lieutenant
Corrupted {0}
Fairy King
Eclectic Inventor
Chief Mechanic
Skybound Shepherd
Twilight Templar
Cutthroat Razorfist
Inspiring Captain
Forsaken Battlemage
Savage Pyromancer
Immaculate Arbiter
Spartan Champion
Anniversary Jade
Black Knight
Beast Rancher
Golden Monarch
Reckless Firepower
Azure Knight
Hidden Viper
Nimble Hunter
Anniversary Diamond
Bone Mender
Celestial Enchanter
Noble Fencer
Thundering Deity
Eternal Monk
Shadow Disciple
Anniversary Platinum
Defiant Spellslinger
Titan Attacker
Frost Warden
Chained Clockwork
Captain Titan
Amazon Princess
The Sly Wolf
Corrupt Emerald Knight
Dragon Slayer
Anniversary Gold
Mechanized Master
Steel Hero
Meat Master
Hidden Assassin
Woodland Warrior
Space Knight
Hell Cook
Cat Ninja
Chaotic Alchemist
Blessed Bishop
Solar Paragon
Midnight Raven
Viking King
Cybernetic Enhancements
Phantom Presence
Tavern Keeper
Solo Screamer
Fierce Snowman
Golden Fairy
Scuba Diver
Tavern Dancer
Gingerbread Master
Mad Scientist
Prestigious Champion
Bone Knight
Summer Sweetheart
Weekend Warrior
Dungeon Explorer
Roll Player
Cherubic Emissary
Festive Bandit
Spell Master
Cackling Witch
Aquatic Defender
Rock Queen
Brave Minstrel
Love Struck
Chills and Thrills
Tiny Titan
Ancient Vampire
Grill Master
Digital Idol
Heir of Light
Heir of Shadows
Sweets and Treats
Jack Frost
Grim Reaper
Combo Breaker
Dedicated Fan
Lunar Festival
Sled Season
Toxic Slayer
Scarecrow Jack
Surf Strike
Heartly Queen
The Rockstar
Defender of the Egg
The Heartbreaker
Snow Master

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