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Created DreamXZE#1912

Player Token

If you want to be able to import your data directly from the API without using the import from the clipboard, please log-in and you will be able to use this feature.

Import through clipboard

Paste your data and click on "Import"!
Click to Import!

Part are from the titan's perspective to fit the log file!!!
Outstrat Global threshold : The % threshold of outstrat damage you want to consider as warnable.
Outstrat Part threshold : The flat threshold of outstrat damage on a part you want to consider for the outstrat detail.
Attendance : The minimal % of attack your member should reach.
Att. Last cycle : Yes if you want to take in account last cycle in the Attendance calculation, no if you don't want.
Off strat : By selecting "Body and Armor", both will count as off strat damage for off strat part. With "Only Armor", you only consider Armor damage for off strat part as off strat damage.

If you want to be able to switch between Abyssal and The Main Game value, please


and you will be able to use this feature.


Click here to set default
Debuff Amount
HP Debuff
Attendance Calc
Number of attack
Max number of attack
Targeted Attendance
Outstrat Global threshold%
Outstrat Part threshold
Att. Last cycle
Last Titan Overkill
Raid - Tier
Off Strat
Raid log!
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