Pet Optimizer

Created by Mmlh#9998, taco#1529 & Taco#1313
Updated by DreamXZE#1912

The Best Switch Pet is the pet you will switch with to optimize your gold or damage income. If your Best Pet is the best damage pet, the Best Switch Pet will be the best gold Pet.

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Timer off
Build type
Gold Source
Last hero
Fatal Samurai
Corr. Emerald Knight
Heart of Storms level
Apollo Orb level
Crafting Power
Durendal Push
Letter Notation
Pet Active EffectPassive Effect
NameTypeLevelBonusPet DmgBonusPet Dmg
NovaAll Damage
TotoAll Hero Damage
CerberusMelee Hero Damage
MousyRanged Hero Damage
HarkerSpell Hero Damage
BubblesAll Gold
DemosAll Damage
TempestAll Hero Damage
BaskyMelee Hero Damage
ScrapsRanged Hero Damage
ZeroSpell Hero Damage
PollyAll Gold
HamyTap Damage
PhobosTap Damage
FluffersMana Regeneration
KitSplash Damage
SootPrestige Gold
KlackMulti-Spawn Gold
CooperBoss Gold
JawsFairy Gold
XanderInactive Damage
GriffBoss Damage
BasilNon-Boss Damage
BashGround Hero Damage
VioletFlying Hero Damage
AnnabelleSword Primary Boost
EffieHelmet Primary Boost
PercyArmor Primary Boost
CosmosAura Primary Boost
TaffySlash Primary Boost