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Created by Mmlh#9998, taco#1529 & Taco#1313
Updated by DreamXZE#1912

Player Token

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Import through clipboard

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The Best Switch Pet is the pet you will switch with to optimize your gold or damage income. If your Best Pet is the best damage pet, the Best Switch Pet will be the best gold Pet.

If you want to be able to switch between Abyssal and The Main Game value, please


and you will be able to use this feature.


Build type
Gold Source
Last hero
Fatal Samurai
Celestial Enchanter
Earthen Shepherd
Lucky Fox Saint
Corr. Emerald Knight
Combat Techniques level
Heart of Storms level
Heart of Storms ench.
Apollo Orb level
Apollo Orb ench.
Sticky Fruit level
Sticky Fruit ench.
Hades Orb level
Hades Orb ench.
Restored Rune Heart level
R.R.H. ench.
The Magnifier
The Treasure of Fergus
T.o.f Eternal Flame level
Crafting Power
Letter Notation

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Pet Active EffectPassive Effect
NameTypeLevelBonusPet DmgBonusPet Dmg
NovaAll Damage
TotoAll Hero Damage
CerberusWarrior Hero Damage
MousyRanger Hero Damage
HarkerMage Hero Damage
BubblesAll Gold
DemosAll Damage
TempestAll Hero Damage
BaskyWarrior Hero Damage
ScrapsRanger Hero Damage
ZeroMage Hero Damage
PollyAll Gold
HamyTap Damage
PhobosTap Damage
FluffersMana Regeneration
KitJackpot Gold
SootCritical Damage
KlackMultiple Titan Gold
CooperBoss Gold
JawsFairy Gold
XanderInactive Sneak Count
GriffBoss Damage
BasilNon-Boss Damage
BashGround Hero Damage
VioletFlying Hero Damage
AnnabelleSword Primary Effect
EffieHelmet Primary Effect
PercyArmor Primary Effect
CosmosAura Primary Effect
TaffySlash Primary Effect
ClangArmor Primary Effect
ScalyAll Gold
SnugglesAll Hero Damage
ChitterTap Damage
DaisyJackpot Gold
SonaraAll Gold
BrushleafAll Damage
SandyJackpot Gold
ClawsetteAura Primary Effect
OwliviaSlash Primary Effect