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Full 6.5 update!6.5.011/07/2023
6.4 full build update!6.4.111/07/2023
6.4 build update! Most of build are updated except 2 dagger and 2 pet builds!6.4.011/06/2023
Partial 6.4 update! This update tools and skills in the wiki (need to update description in the following days)6.4.031/10/2023
Full 6.3 update!6.3.010/03/2023
Full 6.2 update!6.2.008/05/2023
Full 6.1 update!6.1.008/10/2023
Partial 6.1 update!6.1.008/09/2023
Builds update!6.0.007/23/2023
Second batch of 6.0 Update. Update the two last tools not updated.6.0.007/21/2023
Partial 6.0 update! This update contain tools update. Skip tools are removed.Partial 6.0.007/18/2023
5.30 data and tools update!5.30.006/06/2023
5.29 data and tools update!5.29.005/09/2023
5.28 data and tools update!5.28.004/11/2023
5.27 data and tools update!5.27.003/15/2023
5.26 data and tools update!5.26.002/15/2023
5.25 data and tools update!5.25.001/18/2023
5.24 data and tools update!5.24.011/29/2022
5.23 data and tools update!5.23.011/02/2022
5.22 builds update!.5.22.010/16/2022
5.22 data and tools update! Partial update, wiki update will come later at the end of the week.5.22.010/05/2022
5.21 data and tools update!5.21.009/07/2022
5.20 data and tools update!5.20.008/16/2022
5.19 Pet, data and tools update!5.19.007/13/2022
5.18 Pet, Shadow Clone, Dagger and Gold gun builds!5.18.006/18/2022
5.18 data and tools update!5.18.006/15/2022
5.17 data and tools update!5.17.005/18/2022
5.16 data and tools update! For more details check the Reddit post!5.16.004/19/2022
5.15 data and tools update! For more details check the Reddit post!03/23/2022
5.14 data and tools update!02/23/2022
5.13 SC beginner builds update, more detail in builds changelog!02/07/2022
Add Sprout skill in the skill tree wiki!02/04/2022
5.13 CS beginner builds update, more detail in builds changelog!5.13.002/01/2022
5.13 udpate. For more details check the Reddit post!5.13.001/26/2022
5.12 udpate. For more details check the Reddit post!5.12.012/18/2021
5.11 CS and Dagger Quality of Life builds!. For more details check the Reddit post!5.11.011/22/2021
5.10 and 5.11 early builds update!. For more details check the Reddit post!5.10.011/08/2021
5.10 udpate. For more details check the Reddit post!5.10.010/20/2021
5.9 udpate. For more details check the Reddit post!5.9.009/15/2021
5.8 udpate. For more details check the Reddit post!5.8.008/18/2021
5.7 pre-udpate. For more details check the Reddit post!5.7.007/21/2021
SC and HS builds are up to date with the new multi-cast skills!5.6.006/28/2021
5.6 data and everything update, added the new skill description. CS/Pet builds are up to date. SC and HS build update with new Multi-Cast will come later.5.6.006/23/2021
Additional builds update! For more detail, please check the Reddit post!5.5.006/08/2021
5.5 update! For more detail, please check the Reddit post!5.5.005/15/2021
Builds correction, multistack management and so! For more detail, please check the Reddit post!5.4.005/15/2021
All builds update for 5.4! For more detail, please check the Reddit post!5.4.005/07/2021
5.4 data and everything update, added the new skill description. Builds will come later.5.4.004/21/2021
5.3 data and everything update, added the new skill description. Builds will come later.5.3.003/23/2021
5.2 data and everything update5.2.002/23/2021
5.1 data and everything update5.1.001/26/2021
5.0 data and builds update. New will will come later, for more news, please check the Reddit post5.0.012/09/2020
3.13 data and everything update3.13.008/26/2020
Remove AG set from HS skip tools because useless and change the equip comparision tools.3.12.208/12/2020
Fix the Kor set toggle!3.12.107/22/2020
Check the builds changelog for more details!3.12.007/21/2020
Update the tools and the data. The builds will come later this week-end!3.12.007/17/2020
Remove the Artifact Damage option in the Artifact Optimiser, and rename some option. Add the Title Rank to the HS and ED calculator.3.11.007/11/2020
Check the builds changelog for more details!3.11.006/20/2020
Tools and data update for 3.11!3.11.006/17/2020
Check the builds changelog for more details!3.10.007/05/2020
3.10.0 Everything Changelog.
Please check the Reddit post
Check the builds changelog for more details!3.9.204/26/2020
Add the Prestige Relics Calculator in the tools corner!3.9.204/19/2020
Builds page change!
Please check the Reddit post
Translation module and a bunch of other stuff.
Please check the Reddit post
3.9.0 Builds Changelog.
Please check the Reddit post
Update Pet Optimizer.3.9.004/07/2020
Update the Artifacts Optimiser and Set Power Calculator!
Add all 3.9.0 data.
Please check the Reddit post
Add the Privacy Policy and Gookie consentment to the website to be in agreement with EU law and the GDPR!3.8.103/31/2020
Check out the builds changelog!3.8.103/24/2020
3.8.1 Changelog.
Please check the Reddit post
Check out the builds changelog!3.8.103/22/2020
3.8.1 Skills Infos udpate.3.8.103/10/2020
3.8 Changelog.
Please check the Reddit post
3.7 Changelog.
Please check the Reddit post
You can now choose between automation and manual calculation trigger on each tool!
Builds table has now skill picture.
Data of the raid log is now save. You can fill the tool on your phone and check the result on your PC if you're logged in.
Rework both Guide and Optimizer page a bit.
You have now instruction on each tools!
A button has been add on the raid log analyser and the titan strategy drawer to clear the text box.
Raid log export will now take in account the fact people can switch position due to off strat damage.
Add the Set Power Calculator tools.3.6.212/25/2019
You can now chose ToP like you could use VM for titan strategy display.
The "Unlocking cost" and the "Cost of suggestions" are now display on the Mmlh's artifact optimizer.
Change a bit the light mod for output cells.
You can now copy the clipboard the old raid log format instead of having to download it.
No change needed for
Build update, check build's changelog.3.5.112/10/2019
3.5.0 Update, update all tools with fresh data. Builds don't need any change.3.5.011/26/2019
Overall QoL improvement, now timer is reset on typing, don't be afraid to not have the time to type in the 5sec!
In artifact optimizer, you can sort artifact by %, also add the acronyms and full name if you put your pointer on.
Add Immovality's Tournament guide in Guide section.
Mmlh optimizer is now on the compendium! Take a look to the tools corner!3.4.211/18/2019
3.4 builds, check builds changelog.
Please check the Reddit post
Everything but builds for
Please check the Reddit post3.310/01/2019
Please check the Reddit post3.207/16/2019
Bunch of hot fix after the yesterday update
Update the Ressources and Optimizers section
Big rework of the website and DarkBot. If you want to see the all changelog, please check the Reddit post 3.1.407/07/2019
Build update, check build's changelog.3.1.306/21/2019
New builds, check out the build changelog.3.1.205/21/2019
New builds, check out the build changelog.3.1.105/13/2019
Big 3.1 update!
Update tools with 3.1 data.
Update builds to 3.1.
Update "Guides & Ressources" and "Optimizers" page with 3.1 guides/tools.
Change "Min Stage of Result" to "Max Stage" in the ED/AR Calculator. Also, add the "level" mention for the passive skills.v3.0.505/02/2019
Update of the ED/AR calculator, Pet optimizer and BoS optimizer with 3.0 values.
Delete of the "Which last hero to pick" tool, no sense to keep it like the big3 is not equal anymore.
The website is no longer in the beta version, tools look to work fine!
New tool on the website! How many runs to go? is now available on the website!
Tool's error system has been completely reworked. Now when your input is wrong, more details is display to fix it!
New build translation, take a look to the build changelog!
New language! Dansk translation is now available.
The Bahasa Indonesia translation is hidden, file are too old. If you want to help, don't hesitate to contact us.
New tool on the website! Which last hero to pick is now available on the website!
Totaly new display for all the tools!
Fix an error for Fluffer and Kit in the pet calculator.
Fix links and sections of some tools in the Optimizers page.
The website and all the data is now under copyright as mention on each page. Exporting data without authorization is forbiden.
Welcome to the two new members of the Compendium Team: Mmlh#9998 & timelord#6862!
Credit page reworks
You can know use the Coffee ED/AR calculator directly on the Compendium Website! Take a look to the tool's section!
Pet optimizer is now on the website instead of the G-sheet. It's a beta version, feel free to try to break it and give feedback.
New Magyar translation!
Some builds translation/typos correction.
Add two new tools in the Guides & Resources section.v2.403/08/2019
Add the "How to use the Builds Compendium" on builds.
Add one translation.
Welcome page picture removes for now.
Add disclaimers about copyrighted on the welcome page.
Welcome to Italian translation!
A lot of change in builds, check builds changelog.
Add invite link for both Mmlh's/Juvia's support discord in the guide section.
Fix some mobile display for the guides/optimizers/both changelog page.
Change light/night mode emoji from ☀/🌑 to 🌖/🌘
Guides and Optimizers page is now available on the website.
Light mode available.
Minor typo fix.
Update in build, check build changelog.
Welcome to the Russian and Portuguese translation!
Welcome and main builds page translated in Korean.
Minor edit.
Minor typo correction.
Link for the welcome page now opens a new tab instead on being opened directly in the current page.
Auto redirect to "https" url.
Auto-sizing of build title for better look in mobile or low size display.
Some typo correction.
Addition of the German language.
Some translation and change in build, check the build changelog for more details.
Change all date display to MONTH/DAY/YEAR.
Minor change in spanish translation.
New spanish tranlsator, take a look to the credit page.
Website releasedv1.002/01/19