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عرض الاعلانات للزوار جعل هذا الموقع ممكناَ
من فضلك فكر في دعمنا عن طريق تعطيل مانع الاعلانات

Here is the main page of the builds compendium.
Builds are sorted here based on their primary damage source. Please select the type of build you are interested in playing. If you saved the link as a bookmark, you can directly access it.
If you want more details on how each build type functions, we would recommend that you read this guide.

Pet builds

Pet builds are builds designed around actively tapping all the time, and activating quick-time events for boosts in power.

Clan Ship builds

Clan Ship builds are semi-active builds. It requires you to look at your game every 30-40 seconds to refresh the skills Coordinated Offensive and Astral Awakening.

Shadow Clone builds

Shadow Clone builds are the laziest builds for active players. You activate your active skills and then go do something else. It requires the most artifacts and specific mythic equipment sets to be viable in terms of pushing power and speed.

Heavenly Strike builds

Heavenly Strike builds are the fastest builds until you have too many titans per stage. You will need a lot of mana regeneration to spam the Heavenly Strike skill and quickly splash through many stages.

Dagger builds

Dagger builds are meant to be active. You will throw daggers on titan and need to aim on target at higher SP count.

Gold Gun builds

Gold Gun builds are semi-active builds that require you to drain all your gold for a large burst of speed and damage. You'll need to activate the Magnum Opus skill to push forward.

Builds Changelog

This section will list all the updates and corrections made to the builds. If a build has disappeared, your first reflex should be to come here and see if it has changed names or location.