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Created by DanB#5245, Taco#1313 & taco#1529
Updated and Updated by DreamXZE#1912

Player Token

If you want to be able to import your data directly from the API without using the import from the clipboard, please log-in and you will be able to use this feature.

Import through clipboard

Paste your data and click on "Import"!
Click to Import!

This tools can run 50 step maximum per type. If you goal can't be reached within 50 steps, it will display the result after 50 step.
The first table's results show you the result for a given tournament type.
The second table's results take in account all tournaments and give you the diamond, the Touranment point, the Pet and the Perks you can have. If only one of your goal is achieved, the ressource of the second table continue to be accumulated.
This tool doesn't calculate Weapon, but take in account the reward for this touranment for the second table.

If you want to be able to switch between Abyssal and The Main Game value, please


and you will be able to use this feature.


Ingame RankPlacement
1st No Tie0
1st with Tie1
SP Count
SP Goal
Shard Count
Shard Goal
Best Placement
Worst Placement
Daily Reward
Tournament Tier

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RewardTypeN° TournamentLast DateAmount
TypeDiamondsTournament PointsPet LevelsPerks